J.J McAvoy you amazing human being.

J.J McAvoy you amazing human being. Thank you for writing these books.

The trilogy consists of the books; Ruthless people, The Untouchables and American Savages. The three books are amazing and I enjoyed every moment of them. This is about a mafia family who uses charities to cover their crimes in the modern day Chicago. The first book potrays the power struggle between the two families who come from different cultures; the Italians and the Irish. The relationship of the main protagonists started off as an arrange marriage to each other but grows into something different.

The change in Melody as a character is so amazing from the start to the end of these books. She fights against the idea of love as she was brought up to fight for herself instead of others. She develops herself from cold-hearted to… less cold-hearted, which is what I think I adore about her the most. She is totally bad ass in the beginning of the three books, and she continues being bad ass as the book goes along, as she struggle to give Liam dominance. The change is dramatic in Melody, but not so much in Liam, he is still arrogant and childish as he was in the beginning of the book, his qualities simply become attractive.

Family in this trilogy is very important from the beginning to the end. The rules, which are referred to throughout, always place the family above anything else, which is very refreshing. This simply means that you cannot kill your family; however they go to such lengths to protect their family against the enemy and betrayal. This family is anything but normal.

This is a romantic, new adult, contemporary suspense, dark, erotica and I enjoyed every moment of it. (Feel free to leave a comment)




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